San Jose, CA, Feb. 18th, 2016

Manifold Health Tech is Founded and Headquartered in Silicon Valley

The emerging leader of innovative medical integrated information solution provider, Medical Health Tech, Inc. (MHT), was founded in San Jose, California on Feb. 18th, 2016, and prepared itself to tackle the trend of better and safer medical practices with MHT’s new platform and products.

Bo-Ru Wu, Co-Founder & CEO, said “Our team has been working on this platform and these applications since 2010, while I joined Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) in Taiwan, after my more than a decade of software consulting career in the US.”

Mr. Wu thinks after the platform and products had been accepted by the customers in Taiwan and had generated recurring revenue for several quarters, it is time to spin off this team from ITRI and transform it into a startup company to scale up for the global market.

Simon Huang, CO-Founder & CFO, has been a veteran in Silicon Valley in the fields of business development and venture investment, also Mr. Wu’s alumnus at National Taiwan University (NTU), decided to join the team with his experiences.

Mr. Huang said “After reviewing the products with Bo-Ru, I see the potential in this solution platform and the market it is intended to target, and I think my experience in the business strategy and startup investment can contribute to structure this outstanding engineering team into a fast growing commercial organization.”

Manifold Health Tech, Inc. will soon start with its subsidiary company in Taiwan, Manifold Health Tech Taiwan, Inc. (MHT Taiwan), as the R & D center and to cover the Asia Pacific market penetration; and another subsidiary company in California, Manifold Health Tech USA (MHT USA), to address its presence in the North American territory.